Aims & Scope

The mission of the journal "Natural systems and resources" is to provide a platform for multidisciplinary interaction between the fields of agricultural and biological, as well as Earth Sciences, solving problems of system ecology and biology, geography, Geology and Geoinformatics, management of living systems, resource studies and the development of new technologies in the agro-industrial complex, in the South of Russia and Russia as a whole, as well as near and far abroad.

Traditionally, the results of original scientific research, General theoretical and methodological reviews in Russian or English are accepted for publication.

In this regard, original articles and analytical reviews are especially welcome.:

1. Ecology and biology (mathematical ecology, agricultural ecosystems, ecological structure and processes from the molecular to the ecosystem scale, molecular and cellular processes at any level of life, biodiversity)

2. Geography and Geoinformatics (geographic information systems, remote sensing, geo-ecology, physical processes and spatial variation on the Earth's surface, economic, political and social geography)

3. Resource studies (environmental management, land management, soil science, biological resources, Geology)

4. New biotechnologies in the agricultural sector (crops, livestock, anthropogenic ecosystems, biotechnology, technologies that resemble natural ones)

The journal invites scientists and young researchers from universities, research institutes of the Volgograd region, the Lower Volga region, the southern Federal district, and other regions of Russia, near and far abroad to cooperate. The journal provides an opportunity to reflect the results of scientific work on its pages for both leading scientists, postgraduates and young researchers.

Objectives and principles of the journal:

- providing articles to present the results of original research on system ecology and biology, geography and Geoinformatics, resource management, management of living systems and new technologies in the agricultural sector;

- maintaining high scientific standards through double review of the received materials by leading scientists from Russia and abroad who are not part of the editorial staff and do not have a conflict of interest with the authors of the reviewed works;

- strict adherence to the principles of publication ethics adopted by the international scientific community;

- enriching science with new research regardless of geographical and institutional framework;

- assist researchers in improving their publications through a "double-blind" review process;

- the desire to reduce the period of editorial processing of the article and a flexible schedule for submitting materials to the journal; for this purpose, since 2014, the journal has been published quarterly;

- ensuring that published articles are widely available to researchers, regardless of their geographical location and language affiliation. For this purpose, articles are accepted in Russian and English, all articles of the journal are published on the terms of open access and promptly posted on the journal's website. Since 2013, research articles have been provided with a summary of the research in English (Abstract) and a list of references in the Latin alphabet (References).

The nearest plans of the magazine:

- increasing the share of publications by leading foreign researchers on issues of interest to Russian colleagues;

- inclusion in the content of sections of scientific reviews devoted to the main research and innovative developments of leading research institutes in the region.

- inclusion in the list of logs included in the HAC, Scopus and WoS databases.

doctor of agricultural Sciences, Professor,
Ivantsova Elena