Aims & Scope

The Science Journal of Volgograd State University. Natural Sciences is aimed at providing convenient and demanded platform for cooperation and constructive dialogues in this scientific field on the basis of Volgograd State University as one of the highly innovative and advanced higher education institutions of Southern Russia. We invite prominent scientists and young researchers from Russian and foreign higher education institutions and research institutes and provide the opportunity to publish relevant results of scientific elaborations in our journal. Traditionally, we accept theoretical and methodological reviews in Russian and English languages written by individual authors or teams. In this connection, the journal welcomes analytical reviews and articles, devoted to new methods in natural sciences research and psychology, the articles which describe biodiversity and unique biological resources of Southern Russia, their rational use, preservation and ensuring sustainable development of biological systems in the region, including the application of advanced biotechnologies. Today geosciences are represented by the research works on geography, cartography and geoinformatics, based on Lower Volga region and other Russian regions data. The section of psychological sciences is oriented on the publication of articles on social psychology and psychophysiological research.


Goals and principles of the journal

  • publication of scientific research results on biology, bioengineering, ecology, nature management, geography, cartography, psychology, psychophysiology;
  • maintaining high scientific standards by means of double blind peer review of submitted papers by major Russian and foreign scientists who are not the members of Editorial Staff and do not have conflict of interests;
  • strict compliance with the principles of publishing ethics adopted by International Academic Community;
  • enrichment of science with new research regardless of geographical and institutional borderlines;
  • support of researchers in the improvement of their publications by means of double blind peer review;
  • reduction of editorial processing period and flexible schedule of submission – since 2014 the journal is issued quarterly;
  • providing open access to publications for the readers regardless of their geographic location and native language. To reach this goal, we publish articles in Russian and in English languages; they are openly accessible and operatively uploaded online at the journal’s website and are searchable in various scientific databases. Since 2013, all research articles are supplemented with abstracts in English language and references in Roman alphabet.


Near Term Prospects

  • increasing the share of publications by leading foreign researchers;
  • publication of scientific reviews devoted to key science-based research and innovative projects of leading world Research Institutes.


Chief Editor

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor

Valery Novochadov