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Has been issued since 2011

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Title (in language of publication): Природные системы и ресурсы

Transliterated title: Prirodnye sistemy i resursy

Journal is registered by Federal Service for Supervision of Mass Media, Communications and Protection of Cultural Heritage (Russia). (Registration Certificate ПИ № ФС77-74483, 30 november 2018).

Frequency: 4 issues a year.

Dates of issue: No.1 – April, 20; No.2. – July, 3; No.3 – October, 3; December, 20.

Founder and Publisher:  Volgograd State University

Founder Address: prospect Universitetsky 100, Volgograd, 400062. Russian Federation. 

Tel.: 7(8442) 44-72-97. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Natural Sciences series was included in Science Journal of Volgograd State University in 2011 as a result of comprehensive forming of corresponding educational and research branch at the university. It comprises biological sciences, geosciences and psychology. The journal is aimed at providing platform for cooperation and constructive dialogues in this scientific field on the basis of Volgograd State University as one of the highly innovative and advanced higher education institutions of Southern Russia. In this connection, the journal welcomes analytical reviews and articles, devoted to new methods in natural sciences research and psychology, the articles which describe biodiversity and unique biological resources of Southern Russia, their rational use, preservation and ensuring sustainable development of biological systems in the region, including the application of advanced biotechnologies. Today geosciences are represented by the research works on geography, cartography and geoinformatics, mainly based on Lower Volga Region data. Section of psychological sciences is oriented on publishing articles on social psychology and psychophysiological researches. 

Common guidelines for authors: compliance of an article with the journal’s theme, absolute originality, compliance with the ethical principles of research activity, citing and scientific criticism, anonymous reviewing, providing the abstract of article and bibliographic list in English, productive cooperation of author and editor, open e-access to articles after their publication.

Chief Editor

Doctor of Sciences (Medicine)

Valery Novochadov

The journal is included into the Russian Science Citation Index specialized database.

The journal is included into the following Russian and International databases: Google Scholar, Kiberleninka scientific e-library, Sotsionet research and educational social network, VINITI scientific and research center, Universitetskaia biblioteka onlain electronic library system, IPRbooks electronic library system.