Samedov P.A. Energy Indicators of Invertebrate Animals of Natural Parcels of Mountain-Forest Brown Soils

Pirverdi Ahmed Samedov
Сandidate of Sciences (Agriculture), Leading Researcher, Head of
Laboratory of Soil Biology, Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
M. Ragima St., 5, 10173 Baku, Azerbaijan, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Abstract. The article presents the results of the study of energy indicators of invertebrate animals of natural parcels of mountain-forest brown soils of the Greater Caucasus. When assessing the role of invertebrate animals in the parcels of mountain-forest brown soils, the first necessary conditions are inventories, i.e. determination of the species composition and biomass of the pedobionts inhabiting this soil. Thus, the mass of living matter and the species diversity of invertebrate animals is an important biological criterion determining the role of living organisms in the overall energy balance and geochemical circulation of substances. The energy of invertebrate animals accumulated in biomass is estimated taking into account the energy indices of individual groups. Based on studies of invertebrate animal complexes in mountain-forest brown soils, the amount of energy accumulated in the biomass of pedobionts of natural parcels under oak plants and herbaceous vegetation is comparatively estimated. The substantial share of energy in the oak parcel is accumulated in insects – 17,37 kcal/m2 and in mollusks – 8,97 kcal/m2. The substantial share of energy in the grass parcel is accumulated in lumbrisids – 12,83 kcal/m2, in insects – 9,82 kcal/m2 and in isopods – 8,57 kcal/m2.
Key words: parcel, energy, invertebrate animals, mountain-forest brown soils, the Greater Caucasus.
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