Vishnyakov N.V. Middle-Sized Rivers of Volgograd Region as an Object of Tourist-Sports Recreation

Vishnyakov Nikolay Vladimirovich
Assistant Professor, Department of Geography and Cartography,
Volgograd State University
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Abstract. The article demonstrates the recreational potential of the major middle-sized rivers of Volgograd region. There are around 200 rivers of different size in this area. They mostly belong to the basins of the Caspian and the Azov seas, to the Precaspian and the Sarpinskiy closed basins. Middle-sized river is a river with a basin of about 2000–50000 km2 within one geographic zone. Middle-sized rivers of Volgograd region are the Akhtuba, the Ilovlya, the Buzuluk, the Tsymla, the Elan, the Medveditsa, the Chir and some others. The author thoroughly analyses the terminological base of the research, the presence of different types of recreation in the studied area, compares morphological and physical characteristics of some middle-sized rivers suitable for tourist-sports recreation. The suitability criteria of the rivers for water trips are also developed in the study. The results of this research can be used at the planning stage of scientific expeditions and water trips or for other recreational purposes.
Key words: rivers of Volgograd region, middle-sized river, recreation, sports tourism, water tourism, suitability criteria of the rivers.

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